This month we hear from Becky Kent-Perchalla. Becky started with FCTG back in late 2000 and has since enjoyed 13 Global Gatherings! Twice as part of a team and the rest as an individual. Imagine the FOMO she experience for the couple she didn't attend... Becky shares here GG experience below.

What makes Global Gathering special for you?

A chance to catch up with all of my FCTG mates who live o/s or interstate.. especially love spending time with my TA family. It’s what motivates and inspires me, ready for the next year.

What's motivates you to get to Global?

Honestly, FOMO. 😊I can’t miss a party with some of my best mates!

Tell us some of your favourite things;

Destination - Singapore for the day events and food and Cancun/Berlin/Pattaya for night time shenanigans

Friday night welcome party -
A three way tie between the Will.I.AM dance fest with fluro paint drums in Macau, the beach party in Singapore with silent disco and Fat Boy Slim and the Flight Fest in Singapore #wingchafeisreal

Key note speaker -
hands down Macau! Will.Iam, Li Cunxin and John Prendergast - hosted by Rove. amazing!

Saturday night act -
again, three way tie...Shaggy in Pattaya was awesome...Pitbull in Cancun was epic...and I nearly lost toes at Calvin in Vegas just gone.

What's the secret of your success?

Honestly, I don’t know.. I love what I do and I try to be the best I can be...I have the best team (true story!) and I’m mildly obsessed by travel.

What's the one piece of advice you would tell an aspiring First Timer?

It may take you a few times to achieve Global but once you’ve earned your place, the feeling is like no other. On the ground - for the love of jellybeans, pace yourself! It’s a marathon not a sprint!! Surround yourself with good peeps and look out for each other!

What are you going to do to ensure you are in Brisbane?

Just keep doing what we do best - look after our people, whether they be our clients, our team, our suppliers. It’s all about them and their experiences, it’s not about me at all.