Nicole Gallagher is a Flightie, through and through. Having joined us in 2010 Nicole has experienced a few of our brands including FC, TA and CA. She has a passion for cruise and even returned early from Mat Leave as there was an opportunity to open up a CA store in her hometown, an opportunity she had been waiting for, for years! Since joining us, Nicole has racked up 5 Global Balls. Not a bad strike rate for anyone! Check out more of her story and tips below…

5 Global Gatherings! Did you qualify as an individual or with your team?

As an individual all 5 times but my team qualified twice.

What makes Global Gathering special for you?

It’s such a VIP event - to know that you’re surrounded by the world’s best in your industry is such an honour!

What motivates you to get to Global?

Definitely the perks that come with it like rubbing shoulders with celebrities, meeting people from all over the world and the destination.

What's it like to experience Global Gathering? Tell us your favourite;

  • Destination - Vegas 2019 was the best! 
  • Friday night welcome party - Again, Vegas 2019 pool party was epic but the 2018 grunge party in Berlin was a close second 
  • Keynote speaker - Mark Wahlberg hands down
  • Saturday night act - Pitbull in Cancun

What's the secret of your success?

Repeat and referral customers are lucrative. I barely take new enquires now, the majority of my enquires are from repeats.

What's the one piece of advice you would tell an aspiring First Timer?

Go hard or go home - what do you have to lose? Work your butt off and prove to yourself you have what it takes to be with the best of the best

What are you going to do to ensure you are in Brisbane for GG2020?

Do what I do every year - go hard! Look after my customers.

What are you looking forward to most?

Definitely not having jetlag!