Jose Bishop joined FCTG in 2015 and is currently enjoying the high life at Universal Traveller @ The University of Queensland Campus.

Speaking of the high life ... just replace that with high wire ... Jose grew up touring the world with Cirque Du Soleil for 10 years as an acrobatic clown.

He can speak 5 languages which definitely helps when you're making it your life long goal to visit every country in the world with 72 already under his belt at the tender age of 23!

Check out his experience below.

How many Global Gatherings have you attended?

4 - Every year since my first year in Singapore

Did you qualify as an individual or with your team?

Both! I also qualified as EY guest last year!

What makes Global Gathering special for you?

It is an event where the only way to qualify is by being a valuable asset to this company - you have to work hard for 12 months in order to get entry. This is unlike any festival where you can simply buy a ticket - everyone there has poured their heart and soul into it for 12 months and that's what makes the vibe so unique!

What's motivates you to get to Global?

Being the best of the best!

Tell us your favourites;

Destination - Hawaii for sure! The Beach, the party, the short flight - so GOOD - also loved Singapore!

Friday night welcome party
- Best was by far Singapore with the Fairy set up in Gardens by the Bay - OMG so amazing.

Key note speaker
- Jeb Corliss was absolutely inspiring but having Michael McIntyre and Jimmy Carr was hilarious.

Saturday night act
- Calvin Harris in Vegas was UNREAL!

What's the secret of your success

Clear communication, passion and optimism. Make customers smile 3 times and you have the capacity to change their lives and change the world!

What's the one piece of advice you would tell an aspiring First Timer?

Work hard. Work smart and prioritise communicating and understanding your client. It is not about lying, being sneaky - it is all about being passionate and making your one focus to make them smile and get them on their dream holiday.

What are you going to do to ensure you are celebrating in Brisbane?

Work hard with my team and ensure we get there! Only 30, 000 profit to go and we’re there!

What are you looking forward to most?

Being in Brissy for it! ITS GOING TO BE HUGE - How amazing that our city will all hear about our HUGE party!