My Brisbane - November Edition

The great thing about Brisbane is you're only a short car ride away from some spectacular beaches, amazing hinterland scenery and plenty of tourist hotspots. Whether you head north or south, you're spoiled for choice. It really is about the Great South East. This month we explore what lies north, beyond the wall, with Melinda Watego (QLD Product). Read what Melinda's 'My Brisbane' looks like below;

Brisbane has the sights and sounds, the Gold Coast has the glitz and glamour...but on the Sunshine Coast...we have the air. From the crisp air of the hinterland where the rainforest floor cracks underneath your feet and the birdsong echoes throughout the mountains, to the salty freshness of the seaside breezes where you can walk for kilometres without seeing a single soul ...the Sunny Coast is where you come to breathe.

With 60 kilometres of stunning coastline, there's a multitude of sandy spots to choose from...from the always popular Noosa Main Beach in the north where the water is calm and the lattes are plentiful, to Bulcock Beach in the south where you can grab some of the Coasts best fish and chips and watch the sun go down.

But my all time favourite spot to catch my breath on the Coast would have to be Point Cartwright. It’s a bit of a locals hangout, and as you walk along the level path from La Balsa Park, you can spy fish and other sea creatures in the calm crystal clear waters that lap against the sea wall. Dogs are bounding out into the water chasing balls and fish, there might someone chilling under an umbrella reading a book, a yacht might be making its way out of the marina and into the is truly a calming place to be.

As you round the end of the headland you watch the surfers peeling off the right hand break and then walk through some bushland to a quiet beach where kids are hunting crabs in the shallow rock pools. If you’re feeling active you can then take the bushtrack up to the top of the headland and catch your breath at the lighthouse as you gaze out over the Pacific Ocean. If you’re lucky you can spot whales, dolphins and turtles swimming in the blue water below.

It’s then only a short stroll through the bush before you reach a pandanus lined boardwalk which you follow back down to sea level and loop back to La Balsa park. Conveniently there is a bustling cafe at the end of your walk where you can grab an eggs benny and a coffee...if you can’t get a table, just give them your mobile number and they’ll give you a ring when your orders ready… can take it away and sit by the river across the road. Perfect! Finish your morning off by floating on your back in the cool water and feeling the warm sun on your face…..zen status accomplished.

This is just one of many hidden gems on the Sunshine Coast and when it’s just down the road from Brisbane, you’d be missing out if you didn’t take a trip up here for a few days to get outside and catch your breath.