My Brisbane - January

This month we’re bringing the focus back to our Global Host City for 2020, Brisbane. Like any city in the world there are a number of ‘must do’ activities that showcase a city and it’s beauty. This month we hear from Kellie Carty, FCTG Internal Communications on how to make the most out of the various tourist attractions located in and around the city centre.

Sometimes in life you get lucky. For me, I definitely got lucky when I had the opportunity to showcase the best of Brisbane as part of our #GGBrisbane2020 promo videos. Stay tuned for their release via the Global Gathering page in the near future!

It’s sometimes hard to appreciate the beauty around you when you see it every day, but truly…Brisbane is a little gem I will forever be thankful to call it my home.

Ok enough of the feels. If you’re here for Global in July then let me share with you three little “must dos” for a quintessential Brisbane experience.


Lone pine

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is an oasis of interesting local animals – everything from dingoes and platypus to rare birds and snakes. But the best part is that you can get up close and personal with kangaroos and koalas.

You can touch a koala and stand next to one for free (taking snaps on your own phone) or you can pay AU$25 for the Hold A Koala experience which includes a cuddle and professionally printed photo. It’s well worth the money and a great opportunity to chat with the koala keepers to learn more about these incredible animals. Queensland and South Australia are the only two states of Australia where you are able to physically hold a koala!

Lone Pine also has a Kangaroo Reserve – home to 150 free-ranging kangaroos, wallabies and three friendly emus. Buy a bag of “roo food” for AU$2 from the General Store and roam among the animals, take a selfie and bask in your own Steve Urwin moment – “CRICKEY!”

Tickets to Lone Pine are AU$42 per adult and if you’re studying overseas you’re eligible for an international student price of AU$25.

PRO TIP: Doors open at 9:00am so head there early to beat the crowds and the heat. The animals are more alert in the morning too.


Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Look, it’s no Golden Gate but it’s ours and we quite like it. The humble Story Bridge stakes its claim to fame as one of only three bridge climbs in the world and it’s the only one you can abseil down.

From up there you can take in the sights of the city, the river below and on a clear day, the surrounds of the Glass House Mountains in the north, Moreton Bay in the East and the Scenic Rim in the south.

Ticket prices start from AU$129 for a day climb and range depending on the time of day and your add-ons (abseil, ‘walk the plank’ and ‘lean out’ experiences are all on offer).

PRO TIP: Book the twilight climb so you can take in the cityscape at dusk. When you’re done, pop across the road to Sea Legs –a microbrewery with award winning local beer. Speaking of beer, you will be breath tested before your climb so give it some time post Global….

XXXX Brewery

Castlemaine Perkins Brewery

Yes you read that right. XXXX (pronounced four ex) is Queensland’s beer. It has a 140 year history and is still ranked as Australia’s number one beer.

The XXXX HQ in Milton is home to the brewery itself as well as a museum and alehouse restaurant.

The brewery tour (of 90mins) takes you through the 140+ year history of our most iconic brewery and you can learn about the ingredients and how to pour the perfect XXXX. Naturally it concludes with a beer tasting session because, well…why else are you there?

Bookings are essential and are priced from AU$32 per adult (includes the beer tasting session and a free gift). It runs Tuesday to Saturday and is closed on Sunday and Monday.

PRO TIP: Embrace the dad jokes and we have it on good authority that they come hard and fast during the entire tour! You also need to wear closed shoes and you can’t have consumed any alcohol prior.

The Brisbane Bucket List is pretty big but if you get to cuddle a koala (tick), skull a XXXX beer (tick) and climb our Story Bridge (tick) then you’re doing pretty well.