'My Brisbane'

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This month Caitlin MacDonald shares her Brisbane with you... "I have been a Brisbane resident for six years, and it will always be home to me. I have been to many cities around the world, but Brisbane will forever be my favourite". Check out why and discover some of her hidden gems here. 

My Brisbane

I have been a Brisbane resident for six years, and it will always be home to me. I have been to many cities around the world, but Brisbane will forever be my favourite. I am a university student, and life gets a bit overwhelming and stressful sometimes, so one of my favourite things to do in Brisbane is to chill out in the gorgeous parks or take my dog for a walk. Some of my favourite places to do this I found entirely by accident which makes them even more special. There is nothing better than discovering something for the first time in your city! I will now let you in on my secret (they actually aren't that secret at all) favourite places to take a little time out.

Highgate Hill

One evening I was catching the bus home, and I just happened to look up as the bus passed this park. Highgate Hills is not far from Flight Centre HQ, sits high above west end and looks down at the city skyline. I first discovered it during that magical time of day where the city lights start coming on, but the sun is still setting, and I quickly google-mapped to work out exactly where I was. That night I took my boyfriend on a surprise date to Highgate Hill, and I have gone back many times since. I have taken my sister, taken my mum during her visit from Rockhampton and for my birthday this year, I had a cute picnic there. I have been there when happy, when stressed and overwhelmed, and once my boyfriend and I fought up there (not the surprise date time). Being up there makes me feel like I am in Hampstead Heath, London and makes me nostalgic for the year I lived there. My boyfriend and I always end up making travel plans when we go there. It is beautiful to visit both day and night, so I would suggest doing both to get the full experience!

Highgate hill
My sister and I at Highgate Hill for my birthday

Captain Burke Park

Again only a short way away from Flight Centre HQ but this time on the river bank, Captain Burke park boasts a gorgeous tree covered in glittering fairy lights and views of the Storey Bridge. This park has so much room for activities; there are barbeque facilities, room for ball sports, benches to chill, walking paths and even a tiny riverbank beach! It is at its most beautiful at dusk as the city lights and Storey Bridge lights come on, so be sure to make it in time for sunset. After you have enjoyed the sights, you can catch the ferry over to Eagle Street Pier or make your way to Howard Smith Wharves to check out Brisbane's newest entertainment area or walk back along the river to South Bank and HQ. I came across this park again by accident, and I plan to get married under the fairy-light tree, that's how much I love it. I hope you enjoy it just as much!

The Storey Bridge from Captain Burke Park