For a relatively small community, FCTG South Africa are making a massive impact, if the Global Handbooks are anything to go by. Month after month, they dominate the top 3 in most of the award categories! We expect to see a huge contingent heading to Brisbane in July 2020. This month we hear from their Managing Director Andrew Stark. See below for his tips on surviving Global Gathering and what has the RSA businesses gunning for Brisbane.

What are you most excited about for Global Gathering 2020?

That it is heading back to where this great company first started from humble beginnings to a globally diversified powerhouse today...Flight Centre put Australia on the map globally. But seriously seeing Tom Walley on stage 😃

What is your one piece of advice in order to qualify for Global Gathering?

Have a goal. Have a desire. Break down your goals to daily, weekly and monthly targets. Persevere and never give up. Tell your customers about your dreams and aspirations. They will get you there

What is your top tip for surviving a Global Gathering?

Drink Lots

In 10 words or less how excited are your people about Global Gathering being in FCTG's home town?

Ambitiously competitive while wanting to see 200 South Africans celebrate together

That was 11 but we'll allow it.