Most of you would know, when it comes to NZ and AU, there's a lot of rivalry...friendly, of course. We often battle it out over our love for sporting teams, who invented pavlova and lamingtons, who 'owns' Russell Crowe, why are our flags so similar, is New Zealand really Australia's 7th state... but, the one thing we all agree on is how fantastic FCTG is and of course Global Gathering. Here's what Dave has to say:

What are you most excited about for Global Gathering 2020?

It's the same every year, celebrating with Flight Centre New Zealand's best of the best!!

What is your one piece of advice in order to qualify for Global Gathering?

Know exactly what you need to do, believe you can achieve it, and then don't let anything get in your way.

What is your top tip for surviving a Global Gathering?

Feed your FOMO with the adrenaline rush of Global to enable stamina levels you've never had before!!

In 10 words or less how excited are your people about Global Gathering being in FCTG's home town?

3500+ Flighties in the hometown of this amazing company....EPIC!!