Many of you would know Dean Smith. When he’s not dining at some of the most fantastic restaurants in the world, or travelling at the pointy end of some of the world’s best airlines, he’s posting about it on Workplace. I am certain we have all benefited from Dean’s travels at one time or another. But, when he’s not doing all of this he’s actually leading the America’s. This month we hear from the President of last year’s Global Gathering host nation!

What are you most excited about for Global Gathering 2020?

“I’m excited for the attendees from the Americas to have the opportunity to attend global in Australia. Most people here have assumed Australia would never be an option, so the level of enthusiasm and excitement is palpable. It also underlines that we truly are a global company as the Global Gathering could literally be held anywhere in the world. We’ve made it easier for attendees to extend this year, just so they can enjoy the wonders Australia has to offer.”

What is your one piece of advice in order to qualify for Global Gathering?

“Be nice! Seriously, in the USA this year we’re added customer KPI’s into the qualifying criteria for the first time – so looking after your customer is an absolute requirement to qualify – so be nice!”

What is your top tip for surviving a Global Gathering?

“As my father always says “pace yourself son, pace yourself”. For me global is a marathon not a sprint as it’s a week-long event so I have to pace myself just to make it to Saturday alive. For those there for the sprint, don’t go absolutely crazy on Friday night, the gathering on Saturday morning is an absolute highlight of the weekend, don’t risk feeling terrible for one of the best shows of your life. (I must admit I was never great at taking my father’s advice…_)

In 10 words or less how excited are your people about Global Gathering being in FCTG's home town?

“Out of this world excited!"