First to offer up some sage advice is a man of profound wisdom Rakshit Desai. Rakshit has the privileged of leading our India business and from what we have already seen on this page, they're are keen for some Queenland sunshine!

Take it away...

What are you most excited about for Global Gathering 2020?

Global Gathering is the highlight of every year and I look forward to meeting colleagues from around the world and celebrate our accomplishments. I am most excited that we will be headed to Brisbane this year as it gives my team an opportunity to visit the mothership, get context and cultural immersion.

What is your one piece of advice in order to qualify for Global Gathering?

Obsess about looking after your customers, they will ensure you go places.

What is your top tip for surviving a Global Gathering?

Leave your inhibitions behind, hydrate regularly and ensure you get plenty of rest before and after because that weekend will be spectacular but relentless.

In 10 words or less how excited are your people about Global Gathering being in FCTG's home town?

India is stoked to be in Brissy! Super excited!

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