Global Guardian 'Sober Sister'

From the moment our Guardians step on board their flight till the last person checks out of the hotel, the Global Guardian team are on duty and off the alcohol. We know right, a scary thought! Imagine being the only people (excluding CI Events) to witness Global Gathering through clear goggles instead of beer goggles...We sat down for a chat with Tanya Cavuoto, Head Guardian, to see what dirt we could dig up but she's kept it pretty tight lipped. Check it out here!

How many Global Gatherings have you done as a Guardian?


What's the main role of a guardian?

To look after the wellbeing of our Global attendees and make sure they are safe as they celebrate over a huge, fun filled weekend!

What kind of training or preparation is involved in being a GG?

To be part of the team ideally you need to be in the company 5+ years, have been to a global before and have had some experience working with large groups of people. You also need to be prepared for little or no sleep over the entire weekend, some days you might end up working 22 out of 24 hours. A typical day could start at 7am and it might not be until 4am the next day that you are laying down for some sleep!

What's the overall reaction of our people to your presence?

Genuine happiness, kindness and appreciation of our help!

What's the funniest thing you've been asked to do?

Take someone's passport back to their hotel room - while they kept partying! They were concerned they would lose it so asked if I could take it for them.

What's the most awkward?

In true Guardian form...I won’t disclose this information :)

What's the most disgusting, disturbing, gory (you choose the style) thing you've witnessed?

Someone trying to eat a XXXL Burger from FatBurger in the MGM Grand hotel lobby the morning after the Friday night, well technically it was part of the night before as they were still dressed in their Friday night didn't end well for all involved!

What is your all-time greatest memory?

My first year as Guardian I helped a lovely girl in need, the following year we randomly bumped into each other on a transfer bus from the Friday night event, she was very thankful for my help the year before and we had a great chat all the way back to hotel. Then this year, we randomly bumped into each other boarding the flight for LAS! Again she was very thankful for my help and we have become great 'global friends' - I look forward to randomly finding her at the next global :)

What's been the most dramatic incident you've had to deal with?

In true Guardian form...I won’t disclose this information however I will say that over the years we have visited a lot of 24 hour medical centres, hospital emergency rooms, hotel security offices, police stations, embassy’s and even a prison…

What's your best advice for first-time Global attendees to make it through the weekend?

I could say keep yourself hydrated with water the entire weekend but I won’t because no one cares about that advice. The best advise I can give is to have ready in your hotel room the following: lots of nurofen, some kind of nausea medicine ie Emetrol and most importantly a bottle of full Coke (no coke zero or diet coke) - whether you drink full coke or not this is the key to help you feel better after a heavy night, especially if you have been vomiting - this is gold and I swear by it!