Braydon Bell joined FCTG at the tender age of 19 and having just fallen short of his targets over the years, 5th time was the charm and he finally cracked his first Global Gathering...


Vegas wasn't his only first last year. Braydon also competed in the annual Southpoint Slip N Slide where he was red carded. Will 2020 be his year for another Global Gathering and taking out the Slip n Slide Crown? Only time will tell.

"I'm still amazed at being with this company as I was never meant to be living and working here in Australia anyway! I had a career over in England before being deported from the country, for reasons my Mum still doesn't know about and never will! Turns out it was the best thing to happen to me and Vegas was the greatest reward after 5 years of this wild roller coaster ride we call work".

Check out his tips on surviving Global as a First Timer below.

What was Global Gathering like as a First Timer in Vegas?

Experiencing my first GG in Vegas was like losing my V card all over again...Amazing, Mind Blowing, and I can't remember 90% of it...No but seriously I couldn't have been more spoiled this year. Flying direct to Vegas, going to a pool party with Diplo that night, seeing Marky Mark himself and then a full set from Calvin Harris on the Saturday. All the perks like EY half price, a bag of goodies from Sabre, lots of food and drinks!!- Sources tell me it was the best Global ever…and it was definitely my best ever!

Are you aiming for Global Gathering 2020 in Brisbane?

Definitely! Even though it's home for me, I love a good StayCay

What are you going to do to ensure you're here?

In support we are competing against each other on a points based system, not a target based system... so I suppose just try and be better than my direct competition!

What's your top tip for aspiring First Timers?

Know exactly what it's going to take for you to get there, break it down to monthly if not weekly targets and do whatever it takes to exceed that number.

What are you most looking forward to?

It's a draw between finding out who the Entertainment will be, imaging a huge act in Brisbane!! And seeing if EY will do 50% off again… have taken absolute full advantage of that and booked us on their A380 out of Sydney in First Class return to the Maldives!!

What's your top tip for surviving a Global Gathering?

Find people who are at a similar level to you in your party and survive with each other! Force water and food down each other’s throats but most of all enjoy every minute and take it all in. It's a weekend you'll be bragging about for the rest of your life.