Jaimee Foster is proof that there's more than one way to get a ticket to global. Yes, we all have KPI's and do our best to achieve them but for some lucky Global Gatherers there's an incentive or two on offer to sweeten the deal. Curious how she got there? Read below.

How was Global Gathering as a first timer?

Amazing! The whole experience was incredible. Everyone was having a blast and were so friendly.

Are you gunning for Brisbane?

For sure, I want to be there celebrating with my team.

How are you going to ensure you're on the plane?

Well, firstly, I got to Vegas for singing with the Voice powered by Sabre, which isn't the normal way to get through for sure! We can all reminisce about it here.
My plan to get to Brisbane this year is to be confident in my abilities and focus on delivering the best customer service I can. I want to work more on my repeat client base too. Every customer counts!

What are you most looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to the atmosphere again! So many thrilled flighties in one place made for a hilarious and entertaining experience. Everyone was in a fantastic mood!

What's your tip for surviving global as a first timer

Take your time and enjoy it when you're there. It's such an awesome whirlwind, so feel free to stop and take it in!