Introducing Lindsay Johnston, our first, First Timer for GG2020. Global can be a baptism of fire and when you're first is Vegas, you're certainly in for a wild ride. We're so glad you made it through to the other side Lindsay Johnston

What was Global Gathering like as a First Timer in Vegas?

Almost overwhelming! I’ve been with the company 5 years and I’ve been told how big it is but really didn’t comprehend just how it feels to be among thousands of Flighties from all over the world.

Are you aiming for Global Gathering 2020 in Brisbane?

I placed as a part of my team this year and would love to place solo in BNE!

What are you going to do to ensure you're here?

Focus on my individual numbers WAY earlier.

What's your top tip for aspiring First Timers?

Don’t count yourself out and pay attention early! Last year I didn’t realize I was in the running as a consultant until late in the year and had my team not placed, I would’ve missed Global.

What are you most looking forward to?

Would be unreal to be a part of the top consultants and be a part of FC global coming home to BNE!

What's your top tip for surviving a Global Gathering?

Rest when YOU need it! FOMO is real and so is the oxygen pumped into the casinos in Vegas but I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much out of the events if I’d pushed myself too hard, too soon.