Step 2

Let’s create your critter!

Drag as many items as you need onto the landscape to create your unique Aussie animal. Get creative!

Dingo head
Meat Pie
Vegemite Toast
Cricket Bat
Brown Snake
Cork Hat
Crocodile Head
Crocodile Back Leg
Crocodile Tail
Dingo Body
Echidna Body
Echidna Head
Emu Body
Emu Head
Emu Legs
Kangaroo Body
Kangaroo Head
Kangaroo Legs
Koala Body
Koala Head
Platypus Back Legs
Platypus Body
Platypus Front Legs
Platypus Head
Platypus Tail
Shark Body
Shark Fin
Shark Head
Shrimp on the Barbie
Tassie Devil Body
Tassie Devil Head
Tomato Sauce
Wombat Body
Wombat Head